Monday, December 14, 2009

Around the AK Homestead

Well so far this winter its been cold and we had a half foot of snow but it warmed up, rained, and melted it off. Now its just cold and frosty with light snow; no complaints as I at least dont have to shovel.

These are pictures taken in the last day or so and all within 3 miles of the house and as usual, if you double click on most of the pictures they go to large format:

Hay and land is very expensive

This place boards horses for hundreds a month

Dec 12th and note the lack of snow

Same place last year at roughly the same time

I wont be disappointed if we dont get heavy snow this year.

Montana Bills Old homestead; I always see a lot of deer around here on the way to work

Hardly even any snow on the roadway

I wish we could take this to our farm in Missouri, its so overbuilt it could stand up to a tornado (we were a little overzealous when we built it). I think we will take the King Crab pots just for conversation pieces.

The frost just keeps building up on everything which makes it look festive for the holidays

Three miles from the house in one direction is the glacier, three miles in the other is a boating paradise.

Not as many crowds in the winter...if I can see more than two boats on the water its a crowd.

This is a track of the elusive Felinus Arcticus

Felinus Arcticus in his natural habitat