Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just a couple of pictures from our Halloween activities; hardly any trick or treaters this year..kinda sad.

Harvested some taters......including Yukon Gold which are the best..

Granddaughter Emily after we carved the pumpkins

Granny Holly and Stephanie

The grandparents with Emily and Caleb on Halloween

Grandpa Andy with Caleb..he is a freshman in High School this year and a straight A student....yup I feel old

Emily, she was a princess for Halloween but it was hard to tell the difference...she is a princess everyday!! (and a Ham)

Caleb was Gangsta...or something cool and hip that I probably dont understand anymore..

All and all it was a good Halloween, good anniversary for Holly and I (11 years) and a pleasant day. I also started running again now that my surgery is mostly healed. I still have some weird pangs from inside where the stitches are probably dissolving but it feels good to be running again, I just have to take it easy for a while.

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  1. Hey Slayer! it's me wyldthang, love the totem pole pix. Hope all is well!