Monday, January 4, 2010

Emily's Birthday

We went to Emily's birthday party at a dance studio and then had her over a couple days later when the presents from her daddy arrived. Hopefully everyone from out of town is covered picture wise but here goes:

At the dance studio in the valley, it was agood idea and the kids all had fun.

Obviously they are teaching posing at a young age now days!

I believe this was from Grandma Mary in Alabama

And this was from Grampa Andy and Granny Holly

Opening birthday gifts from dad.

Hello Kitty theme this year which seemed to be a hit

More from her dad

And her dad completes the Hello Kitty theme!!

6 years old now...where did the time go. I was just looking at pictures the other night of her dad when we were stationed in Alameda back in the early 80s. Who would have thought.

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