Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Daughter Goes Hunting

Number 1 daughter Jenny and her partner Steve homestead in Willow, Alaska and they hunt..a lot. She recently sent us the photos below and we now know what we will get for Christmas (moose sausage!)

Jenn has always been a good shot with a natural ability to keep a good sight picture. She used to put us all to shame at the range.

Between the two of them they keep the larder full and eat almost all wild game.

They also fish a lot and the fishing is good where they are living. These are Northern Pike.
And here she is with the small bull moose she shot last week. Steve got one a couple days later so they are pretty well set for winter. You can sit and complain about things and watch other people do things for themselves or you can do for yourself; I am glad our kids live life to the fullest just as we are doing and we are very proud of her.

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