Friday, February 25, 2011

The Great Blizzard of 2011

The tone of the news and weather warnings about this impending storm had us a little concerned so we made all the preps. Tested the generator, filled the oil lamps, got the propane stove ready, batteries in the flashlights replaced, and we filled our many water jugs with both drinking water and water to flush if needed. And then we waited, we watched, and we enjoyed it,

It started with high winds and then ice pellets to about 1.5 inches deep then it snowed about 6 inches and for several days there was virtually no traffic, no sound, and I even only had to respond to one wreck with the ambulance. Basically, we stayed toasty warm, we baked, we cooked, and we played in the snow and had a blast. School was out for 14 days and they even cancelled church two weeks in a row.

We did end up getting some 60mph gusts and it snowed hard for most of the day but luckily we never did get the icing that was feared and we never lost power.

It seems strange that this amount of snow would completely shut things down but apparently this amount of snow here is very unusual and they just arent equipped for it.

It was quite peacefull

Looking north

And then the sun came out a couple days later!!

The MoDOT did a great job on the hwy...kudos for them.

The neighbors access gate to their pasture and horse barn. They couldnt get up the road with their rig so every couple of days we hauled hay and feed for them in the GMC.

I still cant get over having blue sky even in the winter, too many years in Southeast Alaska!!

What do you do when there is snow beside shovel?

Why sled of course!!

We tried to find sleds but were told by most places that it usually doesnt snow enough for sleds so they dont carry them. Cardboard works well though.

A 2 wheel drive ATV is a lot of fun on snow and ice.

Serious fun!!

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