Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Storm Fun and Chris Buys a Car

Winter finally arrived here in the Ozarks and we got about 3.5 inches of snow and some cold weather yesterday. So boom, we had winter and today its mostly all melted and temps will be in the mid 50s by the end of the week and through at least early next week...this is my kind of winter. Chris also has gotten tired of walking since he wrecked the Ranger and saved up enough money for a car, it has a bajillion miles on it but the engine has been rebuilt and its not really in that bad of shape for $900.

We give the girls an extra hay ration when the snow covers their winter forage or when its really cold and they really go at it. These are bales from our first cutting last year and they are lush and green still.

The snow came in quick and it was blowing and cold. It was kind of nice though since I had Monday off and we could just relax and enjoy it.

Literally everything around here shut down....schools, stores, factories, the Interstate  about 25 miles away.

The cows have plenty of cover and shelter to hunker down in but they seemed to enjoy froliking in the snow...and of course they didnt want to miss out if we brought them extra hay.

But Maybelle really doesnt like snow at all...we tried to explain how good she has it and pointed out how all the cows in Minnesota somehow survive a little snow but she didnt care and bellowed all day.

She is such a mooch

It looks worse than it really was, by this point it had warmed up to about 30 and the snow was wet and sticky.

Now that the snow has just about all melted this area has turned into a mud pit.

I like this view from the mid pasture towards the pole barn in any weather but this is the first time we have had enough snow to see it this way since we built the barn early last year. Its very peaceful and just satisfying for me. If you own land you will understand what I mean and if you dont yet have your dream place all I can say is there is nothing like working and enjoying your own parcel.

We had a lot of fun feeding the animals and birds with the 4 wheeler and then playing around on it in the snow. Its just a little work horse that also happens to be a blast to ride.

So Chris found this 97 Grand Am locally and it has good tires....

Good glass and body work.....

Everything works on it....

And he passed inspection right away and got it licensed and insured.

The interior shows a little wear but its not bad at all and for 900 bucks it will do him fine.

The engine is the venerable 3100 V6 and has been rebuilt. It seems to be in excellent shape and is quiet and powerful. The transmissions on these cars arent the best and this one is showing the dreaded P1870 code which indicates a slipping transmission but its not noticeable and he will run it until it drops. Overall he did well with the amount of money he had to work with.

So now we have 5 vehicles on the farm, we officially had our winter yesterday, and now we are ready for spring!!

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