Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is in Full Bloom

Just a few shots from around the farm of the glory of spring.

Judy had planted several things when we first moved here in her yard that this year have just taken off. She has Lillies, Dogwood, fruit trees, Wisteria, Mimosas, Clematis, lots of Roses and a host of other plants that have filled her garden. Rose the Farm Dog likes it too.

So many projects!!

Spring in full bloom  and the smell of the flowers is great this year. Holly and Judy have put a lot of effort into making this look like this.
We have a lot of fruit in the orchard like these peaches...but we are still within the frost danger zone so????
We probably have 30 or 40 grape vines and they are all loaded with grapes like this one on the arbor...might be a good wine making season.
We have lots of Peonies around the farm and buds like this beget...

Flowers like this. We have several colours and most havent bloomed yet but when they do its a rich display of colour and fragrance.
We have many Iris beds but this one on the front of the house is the most impressive. We have the traditional blue, blue and white, pure white, salmon, purple and ......
Yellow Iris'...eve see one of these? I have to admit I have always liked flowers and we grow copious amounts here on the farm. Currently the poppies are blooming, the Clematis are blooming, the Dianthus, and many more flowers. Sorry if you live in snow country...

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