Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chain Link Fence Project

One of the projects we had on tap for this year and we mentioned in a post at the beginning of the year was a chain link fence around the front yard. We eventually may want to free range the chickens and we often have visitors who bring their dogs so we wanted to enclose the front. Additionally, we consider a fence across the front as a secondary fence in case the main perimeter fence for the cattle gets we took several bids and chose a local to do the job.

Now in the Ozarks you have to be patient and not in a hurry, we accepted a bid from a young hard working guy back in early May and we just got busy with other things and figured it would eventually happen and so it has.

The temps have been in the 100s and each post hole was dug by hand...could we have done it ourselves? Why yes we could have but it was sure nice to have these guys take on that burden. We have a tonne of fencing to do yet and this is one project we were happy to farm out.

Every post was set in concrete 2.5 feet down.
At the far end in this picture we will pick up the front fencing with field fencing and one strand of barbed wire which will cover across the rest of our road frontage.
One of the reasons we selected this contractor beside the fact he was a local was the fact he used a heavier gage material. This chain link fence is heavy duty and is what is called "dog tight" in that it has wire along the bottom course of the fence hat keeps dogs from going under it.

Some of the bids did not include concrete for each post...concrete is good...concrete is what we required.
So here is the end product. We have a gate to the front door and its open to the French Door (if we need to enclose a dog we will just put a cattle panel in place temporarily). Note it also is nice for the produce stand sign.
We put some heavy limestone rocks in the corner to protect the corner post and moved the planter box to in front of the fence. Eventually the fence will be covered by honeysuckle and other vines and fences are good to plant against.

Its mostly psychological but having fencing that defines an area is very pleasing and gives you a sense of security. We are pleased with the result and now just need to install the field fencing and eventually we will put a gate across the drive...Zombies don't like gates.,


  1. Looks lovely! We just started looking for a chain link fence for our back yard. The kids have wanted a puppy for a long time and since I know they wont want to take it our for walks. We figure fencing in the yard will be the easiest. Thanks so much for the ideas with the concrete and the "dog tight" fence idea. The fence looks great in your final picture.

  2. We also have a new sidewalk along our front fence. At first Tanya was going to make it into flower beds then decided she did not need any more space for flowers. metal privacy fence

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