Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun at Lake of the Ozarks

We took a break from farm chores and spent a day at Lake of the Ozarks goofing off but before I get to that I want to ask a rhetorical question...WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE PRESS LATELY?

We have NBC skipping a moment of silence for 9/11 to air a Khardashian fluff piece, we have NPR reporter Ari Shapiro decide that standing when the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance is said is fascist so he refuses to do it while he is on assignment, and then we have just about every main stream news outlet show graphic pictures of our dead Ambassador to Libya who was murdered. Who makes these stupid decisions and what happened to common decency? Decent people world wide stand when any countries national anthem is played (Jamaican Hussein Bolt stood and was respectful of the US National Anthem during the Olympics....too bad his example wasn't followed by the said Mr Shapiro), decent people give up their seat on the bus to the elderly or infirm, good reporters don't need salacious and indecent pictures to make a point, and smart people understand they don't bite the hand that feeds them. They may have a right to do some of these things but we seem to have entered a phase where the media from all quarters are sinking to new depths of dishonor. End of rant and end of my semi annual contributions to NPR.

Judy likes to explore and the other day she convinced us to take a day trip to Lake of the Ozarks which is about an hours drive from here and so we did. We expected lots of traffic as we went on Labor day but we ran into few people and I think that isn't a good sign for the economy around here but it was nice not to fight the crowds. If you don't know Lake of the Ozarks is huge with more coast line than the state of California but the waterways are relatively narrow and the main areas are often crowded with boats with operators who seem to only know how to go full throttle....not a place I would choose to go boating but its picturesque and has lots of things to do in the little towns that line its shores.

We started with a winery tour and tasting at the Seven Springs Winery halfway between Camdenton and Osage Beach. It was a beautiful and peaceful place and we left with 4 bottles of wine of various types. Our vineyard at the farm is just getting started and next year will will be going at it hard but with the drought we just had to put it off for a year.

In back was a nice balcony overlooking a valley where you could see deer and wild turkeys running about. It was very romantic and I could have stayed there all day enjoying a glass or two of wine and just doting on my beautiful wife but we had more plans for the day.

Like I said the lake is huge and there are hundreds of little inlets and docks in out of the way locations scattered among the busy town locations.
But everyone has to get places so fast; I prefer a leisurely sail boat experience myself.

There are a lot of fish in the lake and the fishing is excellent. I took this right off one of the docks and there are bass, catfish, bluegills, crappie, and other types to be had.

There are a lot of clubs, restaurants, arcades and water parks everywhere and we found this pleasant miniature golf course while we were looking around and decided to play. Naturally I won!
Judy likes to play but she is a terror on the course with a typical hole starting out like this. "Okay Judy now just be smooth and hit the ball gently no need to kill it" then "WHACK" and an "OH MY GOD DUCK!!!".

Holly and I are very competitive and enjoy playing just about anything against each other but she is so cute she distracts me which isn't really fair. But I try to get through it.

It was a hot day but there were fans, shade trees and a breeze blowing and it was very nice.
Next stop was bumper cars and since we were the only ones riding we got an extended ride and had fun crashing into each other.

We were about equal on this ride as we both got in some good licks and had a great time.

There are go cart tracks everywhere and if you haven't gotten into go-cart racing your missing is a blast!
Holly did well but I must confess I lapped her twice...I like to go fast in anything I drive.

The course had numerous curves and elevation changes and you could really get going good and power slide around the corners.

We ended the trip with a late lunch at a nice steak house and came home to a rainbow. It was a good day.

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