Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sewer Project Update

Just a quick update on our connection to the community sewer system. The line is now connected all the way to the previous terminus and they are installing the sewer lines on our property now. Big news for us as we should be fully connected in a week or so which means....long showers, and Holly gets her long wished for dish washer.

They are digging a 4 foot trench to bury a small high pressure line that connects up to the sewer main about a mile away and it will eventually connect up to a grinder pump/lift station buried by our dairy barn. 4" schedule 40 lines will then come from the farm house and Judy's mobile home to the grinder pump and when it gets full it will grind everything and pump it to the main sewer line and points south (literally). In the event of an extended power outage, they are putting a transfer switch on the grinder pump so I can connect one of our generators to it to pump it so we will never be without sewer capability. That's using your noggin in my book.

We had to have a couple grape vines dug up (to be planted elsewhere) and we will lose two cedars but we wanted them gone anyway so its working out real well. We shouldn't lose any of the deciduous trees we enjoy so much.
They will trench all the way to the back of the Dodge Dakota you see behind the backhoe then make a hard left and trench to the grinder pump location. Any of the excess dirt they have I have asked them to just put into a pile instead of carting it off so I can use it for some projects we have planned.

All that trenching for such a small diameter pipe.
We moved the trucks to get them out of the way of the contractor and I had never seen them together before so I took a couple of pictures just because.

I had someone make a statement the other day that he didn't see why we had three full sized pickups in addition to the other vehicles and asked if I felt guilty. The answer to the first question is because we want them and the answer to the second is no guilt. First of all its not like they are brand new fancy rigs (they are all projects of one form or another) but most of all we have worked hard and saved to have the things we enjoy and fixing up and selling things is how we make a side income. Its all about priorities, we have three old pickups we have fun with but our TV is an old unit that we picked up for $25.00...we just don't care about TV that much.
So if you want three old but well maintained pickups learn how to do your own repairs and go get them..lots of good stuff out there that can be had from people who don't have a clue on how to fix them when they break down. Just stay away from around here as we are always looking for good deals!

And a final update on the new chicken run, they love it and its working out great.

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