Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Its Almost April

Normal temps for this time of year in our neck of the Ozarks is in the mid 60s and last year we were a couple weeks already into 80 degree temps. This year we are still stuck in winter and its currently 23 degrees out as I type this on 26 March and we have significant snow cover...and the wind has had wind chills down into the teens.

We are all ready for spring and this is a bit frustrating...we are tired of loading the outside wood boiler, we are tired of the mud during the frequent snow melts, we are sick of the incessant wind, we are anxious to get rolling with the many spring activities, and to top it off, we usually get sunny days even when its cold and snowy but this year has just been a grey gloomy overcast mess so far.

Most of the northern hemisphere is experiencing similar weather this year so we aren't alone but enough is enough!

Its a heavy wet snow too and late March just shouldn't look like this.

Because of the snow cover we are also still feeding hay to the cattle but at least the snow is good for the pastures and when we get a snow melt they really look in much better shape than the disastrous drought pasture we experienced last year...and hopefully the blast of cold after some relatively mild temps will cut down on some of the insects.
The other night we got almost 7 inches of snow and we were in blizzard conditions. It also doesn't help that we are at almost 1200 feet in elevation which means we get a heavier snow fall than even areas 20 miles away.

Last week it was still a bit cold but we were building raised beds, plowing, and enjoying being outside again but its pretty hard to get much useful completed outside in this sticky wet snow. So we have been catching up on paperwork in preparation for filing our taxes, we have almost completed the revised business plan and we dream of warm spring days with all that promise of growth and productivity. In Alaska we would still be looking at a month and a half or so of cold and snow but we have gotten spoiled..Come on Spring and warm weather!


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