Monday, May 27, 2013

Garden and Orchard Progress

The gardens and orchard look to produce well this year, lets hope it pans out.

Does this have anything to do with gardens and orchards? No....I just liked this picture of Maybelle and Louise.

Just a picture of a Poppy we grow..they don't do anything to produce income but we like them.

Same thing with Clematis. We have many varieties of them on the farm and we just like them for their beauty...and you know, that's important.

This Snapping Turtle wandered across our barn yard at a leisurely pace, he was probably 10 years old and if he is lucky he will make it to 80 years or so...we sure don't have any intention of hindering his progress.

The gravel we laid a month or so ago has worked out well and provided the parking and turn around areas we needed for the farm sales. The fact that there is less grass to mow is a bonus!

I love my old IH tractor and use it most days but we have found that lots of folks who stop at our farm shop are really attracted to some of the old equipment we have including the 424. The old timers like to reminisce, the soon to retire baby boomers remember it (or something like it) from their child hood, and the younger set think its retro we try to have it out and about. 

The grass is slowly coming back from the sewer project but the cool weather isn't helping

I finally got around to splitting and stacking the wood we had accumulated last year but had left in the round. It was making a mess of the yard and Holly made it one of my priorities so...Thankfully we found a new farm hand to help out.

This was an experiment in companion planting and it seems to be very successful. The huge cabbages are way farther along than the other ones we planted elsewhere and they seem to be thriving with the spinach we planted with them. Bandit approves.

One of several lettuce patches.

One of several onion patches..

Row crops from the truck garden..

One of several potato patches...

The orchard

Bradford Pears..


Asian pears

Knock out Roses..

And finally apples and yet another cameo by Bandit.
Things are abundant at the Stone House Farm and we are thankful.
I have not mentioned Memorial Day, its not because I don't think about it or don't respect it; rather its because I do on a very personal level. I hope you understand.

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