Monday, August 12, 2013

First Corn and a Night at the Races

Even though the weather has been bad we have been selling everything we can produce, which is good for business but bad because we haven't been able to save a lot for ourselves to can, freeze or eat fresh. But we have had our first corn harvest and we decided to cream off a few ears for us to put up...87 fully ripe and sweet ears.

We don't spray insecticides or use herbicides on our corn so we usually have the worms at the end of the cobs you have to break or cut off but this year we have had very few and though I wasn't really happy with the germination rate when we planted, the pollination seems to have been very good and we sure cant complain about the taste.

The beard is gone because I start the more advanced Fire Fighter school next week and you cant have beards because of wearing the air packs and needing a good seal and the sun glasses just reflect my optimistic nature! Corn and tomatoes are my two favorite vegetables (yes I know tomatoes are technically a fruit but its my blog) and you just cant beat the taste of fresh corn with home made creamy butter and some salt.
We planted an heirloom variety called "Country Gentleman" which is a white shoe peg corn and real tasty but you can see in this picture that the seed co had mixed up some seed because we also ended up with a more conventional variety mixed in..but it all tastes good. This batch we blanched then froze for corn on the cob that we enjoy during the winter.

While we were shucking corn we looked over to the road from the East pasture (the piled up gravel is where I scraped it into piles after the flood with the Kubota and a box blade) and saw critters all over. The barn cat had taken her kittens out for a stroll and they had a blast playing in the remnants of the river that was. We dont want the kittens, we cant even touch the barn cat as she moves in and out and she is wild enough to do you some serious damage (she was carting fully grown rabbits she hunted into the barn to feed her brood). We have tried live traps with all kinds of setups and bait but she isnt stupid and short of shooting them, which I couldnt do, we just have given up and live in peace with them. They own the barn and dont bug us when we go in and in fact rarely see them in the barn but we dont have
 This is Holly and our friend what do you do when the rain lets up for half a day allowing you to do some work? Why go to the races of course. Roger had some tickets and food vouchers as part of an employee appreciation day and he treated us to an evening at the races at one of the local stock car tracks. This track actually has some lower division NASCAR races and its a really nice facility. Its clean, very family oriented, the food was pretty good and the beer garden had $2.00 beers and great views of the track...whats not to like?
There were several races with varying classes but the late model NASCAR class was the biggest and was a points race. NASCAR driver Jamie McMurry is the local track champion and still returns to race now and again. Rusty Wallace and his family are also Missourians who frequent the track.
This is the Road Warrior class and my favorite. Just local racers with their hoopties tearing up the track.
Some of them look a little rough but they were going flat out and its very entertaining.
Sportsman Class...
Modifieds....and this class was wild with one car getting airborne at one point..
And these crazy 4 cylinder Charger class cars were also a lot of fun. They are mostly stock, they run flat out and because the suspension isnt that great they squeel and slide around corners and bang into each other.
There were several accidents (and one fist fight) with this one being the worst. One driver was transported to the hospital with sore ribs and a bump to the noggin but nothing too serious.
I took this to show the hot dog eating contest, not to show the cute Monster Energy drinks gal in the skimpy top and shorts......really.
Dig this crazy contraption....a jet powered golf cart.

I talked to the owner and driver for quite a while (gear heads like to talk to gear heads) and the jet engine is military surplus but of undetermined origin. He does have a functioning after burner hooked up and he is actually powering a drive shaft to a rear axel. It carries 6 minutes of a gasoline/kerosene fuel mixture and has a parachute on the rear that is more for show.
So during intermission he did a run under the lights and it was pretty cool but he was having trouble with getting the jet to spool up and we never got the thrust boom everyone was wanting but we enjoyed the show

I want.....
I will leave you with this for this post: Life is short so surround yourself with happy interesting people and eliminate those people or situations that drag you down. Our friend Roger works 6 days a week, he has had some blows since we moved here but he is always upbeat and we all enjoy lots of laughs and adventures when we get together. Thanks for a night at the races Roger...we had a blast.


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