Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Dodge and a Fall Garden Update

A neighbor thinks I need therapy but a screaming deal came to us on a 1991 Dodge pickup and we picked it up to flip. If your counting, we now have a black one (in the pole barn getting some work done), ole Blue which is my daily driver, and this new red one. I don't know why I like First Generation Dodge Pickups but I do. They don't have many aftermarket parts available so you have to hit the scrap yards to keep them going but they are easy to work on and when you see someone else with one (they are fairly rare around here) and he has a rusty cab roof, his truck wanders a bit on the highway, and he has the window down on even the hottest days because the AC no longer works you just knowingly smile and nod or maybe even wave in acknowledgement. First gen Dodge trucks were never cush and were technological dinosaurs even when new; I like that.
Its a 1991 D-150 with a 3.9L V6 (a 318 with two cylinders lopped off), 3 speed automatic, Air and that's about it. You have to roll your own windows up and down with a crank, it has rubber floor mats and a vinyl seat, and not a speck of rust on it which is very unusual for Dodges of this vintage (as you can tell from the 1990 next to it -old Blue).

It started life as an Air Force parts runner but was given to the State of Mo Dept of Conservation who in turn lent it to a Rural Fire Dept as a fire support vehicle and one of their stipulations was that it had to be stored inside, maintained etc (we have some in my dept with the same stipulations) which is why its in such good shape.

Just basic truck like they used to make and not even a tear in the vinyl seat. The heater and AC actually work but the genuine Chrysler radio has a mind of its own.

Everything works on the truck and the suspension is tight so its a nice driving little truck.

Holly likes the red paint mostly because it isn't blue and not rust colored. The red paint is actually just International Harvester red implement paint that we use in the fire service and its never going to be a show truck but it works great and doesn't look bad.

One of the benefits of a rig like this is that its never been molested or mangled by those who fancy themselves as mechanically inclined. The 3.9 of this vintage is pretty primitive and a bit lacking in smoothness and power but paired with the automatic is drives pretty good and its quiet. Everything is stock, all maintenance records are there and though we plan on selling this, it will be tough to part with it.
The fall garden is coming along and our carrots are going strong...

We have lots of beef steak tomatoes almost ready to harvest..

And the Spinach, broccoli and cabbage are in.

Its been hot enough that we have a bumper crop of hot peppers still and since we have purchased a small dehydrator now we plan on drying a bunch.

The second crop of snap peas are ready and selling well.

Even our second crop of cucumbers is doing well. All and all its been a good growing year this year and we feel pretty good with our productivity.

And finally, Whiskers and Piglet have taken to laying at the entrance to the barnyard to great any visitors. Its not a hard job but everyone has to pull their weight around here.

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