Friday, July 17, 2009

Meyers farm in Bethel

While poking about Bethel I ran into a farm ..a real working farm of about 1.5 to 2 acres and stopped to check it out. I Hallooed and knocked on doors but no one was there for the 30 minutes or so I was there looking around. It was a very clean set up and had a machine shop, two green houses, a chicken coop with at least a dozen chickens and 2 roosters, a couple of small barns etc. They had a compost operation but I didnt smell any fish so I am not sure what exactly they were using for fertilizer (I dont know if it was organic as there was absolutely no signs anywhere). Surrounding the property at various intervals were square steele black tanks that looked to be used for irrigation and there were 2 wind mills that had tubes going into 55 gallon drums (???). The soil was fine nutrient rich river silt that looked to have had much organic matter added...really rich loamy looking stuff. It was all very compact but very well organized and spotless. Really impressive operation.
You can see the farm is compact.
Not sure what the windmill was pumping into the barrels, water is absolutely everywhere in Bethel.

The vegetables inside the greenhouse and in the rows looked to be in outstanding shape and really healthy.

About 12 hens and 2 roosters.....fryers maybe?

View towards the barn and 2 greenhouses.
If they can grow stuff this good looking in Bethel we should be able to do something productive in Missouri!!

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