Friday, July 17, 2009

Western Alaska Trip

Spent the last week in Bethel and flying to western Alaska villages to inspect government property. The weather was beautiful, the people as usual were great, and it was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, while there they had several deaths from drowning and one woman just disappeared at fish camp. There is little employment in the villages and high rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault and it was amazing to see the differences between villages. Some were clean and you could tell the village elders had tight reign on the affairs of the village, others...not so much. Personally, I love to visit but would not want to live there full time. You cannot imagine flying for hours over the tundra or in this case the Yukon/Kuskokwim river delta and seeing almost nothing...a few birds but not much else.

This village is built on permafrost and over a river drainage, roads are wooden planked for ATVs for the most part.

I think this is the air field office
Joshua and Alene

Yes I see the rabbit ears

Whole lotta nuttin

Raise your hand if you want to fly on this rig

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