Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Antiques

There are hundreds of antique stores in the Ozarks and the prices were stunning. We were very limited due to luggage space but we got a few things....

1940 Dominion Electric Co toaster; bakelite handles and still works great as you can see; $8.50

Classic 1947 Toastmaster B1141 toaster; heavy, pristine condition, and works great...$5.00

1938 GE Clock; needs a new cord and refinish of the wood...$5.00

1938 Art Deco Westclock Moonbeam alarm clock. Immaculate, works great, paid $40.00

Late 50s clock radio; the radio works but it needs some cleaning up and a capacitor..$5.00

Some old tobacco tins and a late 50s Cream of Tartar can...$2.00 each

An old Ozark Drug Co Boric Acid container that Judy got for Holly; note the phone number on the front is "82"

The antique furniture, tools, and just about everything else is overwhelming and very inexpensive. We really dont want anything in our house made after about 1965..except for that Flat Screen LCD HDTV.......

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