Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Farm

Needs a lot of work, great pasture and barn, a great place to just check out from society....

Inside upper level of the barn

Milking stations and feed trough lower level of the barn...

Another barn pic

Holly's greenhouse, radiant floor heating through the concrete slab, running water, electricity, floor drains, potting benches and sink, water conservation through gutters into rain collection barrels.....

Oak flooring under that carpet in the farm house..

Judy's trailer

The well house (water is county water but there are 2 wells for irrigation)..

Found this guy lurking by the door to the basement...

View of the pasture looking towards the back deer plot (a couple acres on the other side of the trees)..

The deer plot

Looking down from the pond

House from pasture

Old seeder we will use for decoration

Pasture behind the deer plot...tons of deer and turkeys..

We have about 2 acres of woods

From the deer plot looking down our pasture towards the house

The neighbors have horses towards the back part of our property..

The pond, need to clear out the brush and get rid of the milfoil

Pasture is crossfenced (over the fence to the left) and we get two to three hay cuttings per season share cropped with a local farmer (he harvests and we split the hay)

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  1. I hope I'm not intruding, but this is exactly what my wife and I are looking to do.
    We wish you all the best, enjoy it!