Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit to Favorite Daughters Homestead

Had to travel north for some paperwork and got to spend the day with favorite daughter Jenny. She went with me to Fort Richardson for the retirement checkout and she saw this big bad Soldier get completely owned by an extremely large and mean woman with zero social skills who controlled my destiny. Some people are just not happy in life I guess but we got through with the mandatory stuff, went to lunch and then headed to the Mat-Su so she could show me where she lived with the Beau Hunk (Steve).

They live in a very cool homestead and to get to it you drive about 13 miles out of town, then a couple miles up a dirt road, then make a left and go for a ways up another dirt road, then a right for awhile then a left and voila'.

The house is small but has two bedrooms and a bath and a half and it is very livable. There is a separate log sauna hut, a wood shed, a shop, and an outhouse just in case. Some pictures and descriptions follow:

Favorite daughter Jen and boyfriend Steve...Steve is a mechanic and thats worth a lot in my book.....you know..someone who actually knows how to do something besides play computer games.

The outside of the homestead. They are just renting but are buying a bigger place even further out.

The shop is to the left and of course the ubiquitous camper, jon boat and snow machines in the background.

The woodshed, off in the back they have a small firing range and the Meyers plow is for sale if anyone is interested.

Inside of the sauna.

And of course the backup outhouse.

The driveway...

And the view from close by....

Yup, still my favorite daughter and its good to see her so happy.

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