Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Goodbyes

We just got Internet on 1 June and time for some updates. We left Alaska on 19 April and had a few goodbye parties to see us off. We dont have the ability to post all the pictures but here are a few samples

Jerry, Jolene and I

MAJ Holt (Boss man), Tiffany and I (Give her a raise)

LTC Brown (the BC), Holly and I. He flew in from Anchorage and we served together in Kuwait, Iraq, Korea and Mongolia. I will never forget.

My beloved Holly and I

Holly and Bryan at her retirement party

Holly and I with Charlotte..Holly's good friend

Holly and MaryJane..her boss and friend

 So many more people that arent included here. We very much appreciated the great send offs and a special thanks to Jolene for the quilt, picture, and organizing everything, Tiffany for keeping the MAJ in line and being so on the ball with information we needed for retirement planning, and MaryJane for the Afghan...we display them all in our farmhouse and it means so much more to us because of the time and skill you put into them. And to those I served with, we had such a great group of Soldiers...I do miss the comraderie and our door is open to you.

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