Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fire Dept Truck and Tractor Pull Fund Raiser

My first duties with the Volunteer Fire Dept was to help with the Truck and Tractor pull fund raiser last Saturday. We had never been to one and we had a blast. Unfortunately the camera batteries died before the pro-trucks and tractors came up but here are a couple of pictures....it was very loud (Nitrous, open headers etc.).

They pull a heavily laden sled that has a weight box that moves forward as they progress...they pull for distance (and prize money of course).
This is the weight box sled they pull.

This older truck with rust spots had a full course pull...looks can be deceiving.

Personally I like the tractors, some were highly modified and some drivers wore helmets but some of the older farmers just wore their bibs and a smile.

Maybe I have found a new hobby...wonder what one of those goes for?

Its even more red neck than NASCAR...we love it. Speaking of NASCAR, we have 2 NASCAR tracks within 25 miles and they have races every Friday and Saturday night (Jammie McMurry's home track...he wont the Daytona 500 this year and is a local hero)...we are going to check it out soon.

For being retired we sure are busy...I may have to get a job sooner rather than later so I can get some rest!!

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