Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on the House Remodel

Well the roof is on, the roofline changed, gutters and downspouts are installed (yet to be tested during this drought) and we have the new doors, windows and countertops in.
You can kind of get a feel for the old countertops in this picture, you know its bad when you have a 5 second rule for the counters and sinck if you drop something edible on them.

And the counters beside the stove as well.

The old counters were formica over oak and they were a bear to remove.

But the new counters and sink..aaahhhh. Still formica in keeping with the old fashioned nature of what we are trying to do (and because the money is drying up) but it really came out nice.


The french doors are in..windows in the next post.

And the gardens arent doing too bad either.

Corn, pumkin and peas in this shot.


  1. Ii just hopped on over here from HT! I'd love some information on the greenhouse! Greenhouse project has been on our 'to do' list long enough! You're looks great!

  2. Love the photos of your place. So envious of the new kitchen counters. Ours are so icky that we need a 5 second rule too.

    KatW from HT