Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Baker Seed Company Visit

We went to the Baker Seed Company in Mansfield last Friday to buy our next set of heirloom seeds for the next planting and to get some Mennonite Sorghum seed (its very late to plant sorghum but we are just doing a test patch this year with plans to grow a lot of sorghum next year). The ultimate plan is to use the belt drive PTO off of the Allis Chalmers to run a sorghum press and make molasses next year. Anyway they have an old time town set up where you can go into the buildings and if you want to buy something you just take what you want and then settle up at the seed store (we bought pickled corn, curry spice, peach preserves, and some soap). We also had lunch which is vegetarian and you pay by donation.

Its not very far from our farm (about 24 miles) to Bakersville and we enjoy visiting there because we get great ideas.

Its set up like an old time village and its rarely crowded. They also have Blue Grass concerts, animals, and various festivals at different times of the year. The best part is they have hundreds of varieties of heirloom seeds.

There is a bakery, general store, small seed museum, apothecary etc where you can browse and buy things. We got our beead board design idea for the inside of our house from the apothecary and in fact are pretty much duplicating the color scheme (old fashioned light green on bead board with white tile around the tub and a slightly darker green trim).

I wanted to buy this for Holly but she said no...it would have matched her dress.

This guy was sure noisy.

He looks cute but there was a sign that said he bites so we didnt give him the rubbin he was looking for.
While we were there we saw a beautiful grape arbor over a gate leading to the main house and when we checked it out it was just a hog panel bent into an arch and anchored by 4 T-posts...sooooo

Since we had unused hog panels in the barn and some extra T-posts we came home and built our own. Eventually it will be completely covered in vine and will have bushes on either side of the walkway between the well house, the stone garage and the back of the house.

The vines have already grown about 6 inches since this picture was taken5 days ago.

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