Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Projects around the Farm

Its been a busy month, major re-roofing project, gardening, interior remodel, and comming in a week or so, new doors, windows and countertops.

We built a planter box across the front of Judy's trailer with some of the thousands of board feet of oak lumber in the barn.

It literally held 1800 pounds of top soil.

This was before we got the Kubota with the loader.

And we are in the process of rebuilding the entry deck to the back door of the trailer. Inside we installed an air conditioning unit and did some rewiring.

Still more to do on the deck including roofing it over.

Shingles comming off..all six layers

We are changing the old choppy roof line with 5 valleys (including one blind valley that was leaking) to a linear design that wiull result in 2 valleys. We are also adding 5 inch gutters all around (no gutters were on the house when we bought it with predictable problems as a result).

It has dramatically changed the look of the house while retaining the old fashioned appeal.

The existing oak decking was in good shape and only needed some minor repair

We have been fighting high heat and humidity and thunder showers but we are all buttoned up with 30 lb felt now so the biggest worry is over.

The old shingles were in terrible shape and we took this into account when we bought it.

Its really starting to come together, we now have a covered back porch which we will deck over and eventually screen in and the roof line is much improved (compare with the first picture).

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