Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Cross Country Journey

We stayed 2 days in Bellingham with Alex and enjoyed helping him start a garden and watching movies. We then travelled to Bozeman Montana where we ate in one of the best steak houses I have ever eaten in...it was fairly non-descript and advertized a casino so we werent expecting much but good grief we ate great steaks for about $15.00 and it was top of the line....and I have lived all over the world and obviously like to eat. We next drove all day and stayed in Sturgis SD where we had a great burger at the American Road House but though the area was beautiful...Sturgis is way to commercialized for the biker crowd. It disappointed. Our final stay was in a truck stop in Iowa and we had fun there too....I guess that happens when your retired.

Along the way we saw literally hundreds of deer and probably a thousand antelope (I-90). I have driven that route before and never remember that many Antelope. We also saw hundreds of pheasants in Iowa and many wild turkeys. We stopped at the Little Big Horn National Monument to see the site of Custer's Last Stand, Wall Drug in Wall SD and of course the Corn Palace. We had great weather the whole way and only turned on the wipers to clear the bug guts off the windscreen.

We enter South Dakota

Holly May at Little Big Horn National Monument

Brevet MGEN Custer's headstone. The markers are all where they died and it was a very nice monument. The area is very small and you really get a sense of how desperate their plight was and how foolish militarily the positions were that they chose.

7th Cavalry Soldiers werent the only ones who died that day

Still in the west..fun place.

Holly in front of the Wall Drug Store in Wall SD. If you havent gone go...We will return with our camper. Its campy, its kitch..its a lot of fun.

Like I said, its campy fun.

I couldnt keep Holly off the Jackalope..it was real...seriously.

Its a very small town but really nice...like I said, we will return.

Holly at the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD..those are corn cobs on the outside of the building...Cotton isnt King..Corn is in these parts

It was a fun trip all around.

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