Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Arrival

When we got to the farm it had been abandoned for almost a year and we found tall grass and weeds, dead mice, lots of bugs and a tobacco stained interior with really sketchy electrical system and plumbing. So far we have repaired the plumbing, replaced the electrical, and cleaned up the interior. The yard is now beautiful..thanks to a lot of hard work and a nice garden tractor.

We had the 26 hp, 54 " deck Dixon delivered 2 days before we got there. It basically brush hogged the yard to cut down the overgrowth..the pictures dont do it justice. The mower has a 26 hp Kawasaki, sleeve hitch, electric deck lift, 3 blade 54 inch cut, and 26 " tires in back...arrrgggg

It was about 5 hours of slow gowing mowing it all.

Judy was just happy with all of the flowers at her trailer...the dog is Bandit..the neighbors Jack Russel Terrior that adopted us. He is a great dog who comes right in the house and eats, sleeps in the rocker, and keeps us company.

Had to mow twice to get it all the first time.

We had a little work to do in the kitchen

It was dark, dirty and dingy...the dead mice didnt help.

Grass mowed and cows serenely pastured..ahhhhh

Amazing what a little paint will do. Judy paints the ceiling with Kilz.

Sometimes just covering things up works best.

Paint, new appliances...its getting a little more liveable.

Compare this to the before pic!!

We sealed and painted everything..HollyMay at her best!!

Floors are next.

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