Friday, June 11, 2010

Fran and Heather's Visit

Holly's grandmother Fran and niece Heather are visiting from the Seattle area and are enjoying the quiet of the farm. Fran is 90 and still game for just about anything, she never complains even in the heat. And Heather is just sweet young lady and ilke Jenny, seems to be fascinated with all of the wildlife. The original plan had been to use the golf cart so Fran could see all of the farm... and I had it running all over the place but its now having trouble starting again and I think I need either a new voltage regulator or ignitor. Sooo, we employed the garden tractor and trailer for a makeshift hayride.

4 generations in this picture, Holly, Judy,  Heather and Fran

I really like this picture of Holly, the sun is brining out her beautiful freckles.

Gassing up before the ride.

The gang is all aboard

Judy and Fran at the pond

Bandit had to get a free ride too

Good idea no?

We went behind the dam on the second pond so Fran could get a feel for the ticks (oh, and see the prickly pear and some blackberries)

It seemed to be a hit.

We found a prickly pear along one of the fence lines, not sure how it got to the Missouri Ozarks but it is now blooming and seems to be quite happy in this environment.

The blackberries are thick this year and should produce many gallons of berries for jellies and jams.

Holly and Heather at the main tomatoe patch.

Note the corn, 2 weeks since planting is about a foot tall.

Holly's pumpkin patch

These were started from seed when we first got here and have been in the ground about 3 weeks.

And my black eyed peas are comming along just fine as well.

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