Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Day Harvest 25 June and Garden Update

We had our first harvest plus some garden update pictures at the farm.

We have had a steady raddish and lettuce harvest, very hot purple and red raddishes.

The first of many yellow squash.

We let the cucumbers get a little too big...we are making pickles this week.

The pumpkins are numerous and comming along nicely.

Hard to tell, but these are softball sized "Purple Cherokee" and we have probably 40 or 50 that will undoubtedly all ripen at the same time.

This was our first one day harvest from the test garden. We ate the peppers roasted, with an herbed cream cheese and a little bread crumbs on top. The peas were just cooked up and eaten with a bit of butter.

Judy has 30 or 40 Lillies of all colors and types that are doing great.

The blackeyed peas are healthy and just starting to get blossums.

We have progressive plantings of corn. We got a late start but they are doing well.

This is the second patch of pole beans. They too are progressing nicely.

Cabbage, squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, peas, beans...this was our first plot when we arrived at the end of April and we learned a few things about "spacing".

My favorite seat over the corn patch and between the Persimmon tree and a couple of walnut trees.

Rose has a particular fondness for the sunflowers.

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