Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Alaska Marine Highway

We boarded the ferry with our truck at 0200 on 19 April....raining of course. We got a great stateroom with a window and enjoyed the 4 day cruise to Bellingham. We were blessed with many whales, porpoises, lighthouses, and the sounds of the poor guy in the next stateroom yakking as we crossed Queeen Charlotte Sound (it did get a little rough). We stopped in Wrangall, Sitka and Ketchikan and then arrived in Bellingham for our 2 day visit with number 4 son Alex (the college student who just got out of the Army National Guard and enlisted in the Air National Guard).

Number 3 Son Matt sees us off..we miss the boy already..he just got a promotion and is doing well but we wanted to stuff him in a sea bag and take him with us.

2 days into the trip Holly stopped sniffling

We got a great stateroom on the outside with a great view. 2 Bunks, our own shower and toilet, and it was quiet.

Private bathrooms are very important to me..I'm old.

Bunk beds werent the most romantic but the humming of the ship and the rocking motion means very good sleep...I would get about a chapter and a half on my book then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The scenery was awe inspiring..if a little cold.

Seaplanes everywhere at each port.

The Alaska Marine Highway is an excellent way to travel the inside passage if you like layed back...the food was good and plentiful, they have a bar on board, but I cant see them making it too many more years as they have to be operating at a significant loss...our ship was half empty.

One of many lighthouses we passed...no I dont have a telephoto lense..we were in the Wrangall Narrows and you get very close to shore.

Beautiful weather all the way.


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