Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Garden Update

Just some shots from our ever increasing global warming trend in Missouri we call spring.

The Forsythia ia blooming finally. Not a mile down the road they are in full bloom and have been for about a week...not sure why ours are taking so long.

Just a small representation of our Narcissus (Daffodills). We have them everywhere even some in the pasture and since they grow from bulbs we have no idea where some of them came from. A little known factoid on Narcissus, they arent native to North America but were brought over as far back as the Pilgrims. If you remember Narcissus was told to be modest and never look at himself but temptation got to him and he looked into a pond and was turned into this flower. They have been cultivated as far back as Roman times.

We have identified three different types so far, yellow with an orange bell...

Light yellow with a dark yellow bell...

and my favorite white with a yellow bell

These we found out are called Naked Ladies around here but are actually the Autumn Crocus we mentioned in a post last fall (the leaves die back during the summer and in the fall we get the pink etheral flowers with no leaves). We werent here last year at this time so we didnt even know these existed since they die back quickly when it gets hot. We are mapping all this stuff for future reference.

They sure seem healthy and we enjoyed their fall flowers.

We found this Flowering Quince along one of our fence lines, we had missed it last year.

This is a terrible picture but we found two mature and large grape vines along one fence line.

The rhubarb we got from Carol down the road is doing well.

The winter wheat experiment is doing nicely, too bad we need to plow it under soon.

The new property we acquired is to the right from the Black Walnut tree to the T-post in the middle of the photo and then it goes at an angle to the right of the cedars in the background and then up the pasture past the pond.

We got a chunck of woods we will clean up along with a huge patch of blackberries..

And another pasture in this picture up past the pond...yet another fencing project.

The greenhouse is smoking right along.

And I just liked this photo..the fencing has been very rewarding because not only does it increase the usefullness of the place...we get to see visible results.


  1. Its so nice to see green things! I'm further north so we arent there yet! love your blog, i've been reading since you started.

  2. I see on the Weather Channel that the MidWest predicted tornado alley mega-storm leading edge is now at around KC MO (c. 10pm Sunday April 3rd); so presume Branson and your area sometime late tonight...did you get your other two Angus calves safely placed in stalls in in your sherman tank (all concreted walls and floor) dairy barn yet? Previous blogs indicated the Angus were arriving this weekend...Now if I were a cow, that's the kind of barn I'd want to ride out a nasty storm inside of...