Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Tractor Envy

So if you have been following along since last fall, you may remember that when the parents visited in October they enjoyed riding the various tractors, 4 wheeler etc. And apparently over the winter visions of garden tractors danced in thier heads instead of sugar plumbs because they got a new Craftsman 24 hp hydrostatic transmission lawn tractor (mines bigger). Of course they still have snow and ice (it snowed a few inches there today) and their summers last about 3 weeks but its not too bad looking (mines bigger). It has the 24 hp Briggs and Stratton engine (mines bigger) with a 52" deck (mines bigger) and looks pretty slick.

Now they need to get a trailer, maybe a cultivator, bagger, lawn roller...all the goodies. But for now they are frustrated and have to be content driving it around their semi-snow free driveway waiting for spring that will surely pop up by the end of May.

The biggest problem I see is that they only have one of them so there will be inevitable conflicts over who gets to ride and mow.

Dad wanted a Harley but I have ridden with him in his truck and I am thinking this is way safer...for everyone!! I like the color but it would be petty for me to point out my mower has 2 mor hp and 2 more inches in the cutting deck so I wont mention that.

Mom wants to get it pin striped and add some ground effects LED lighting but I am thinking

The date on this is wrong but they do have big deer at their place.

Oldest son Jay on our mower last summer..I could point out we have bigger rear tires but I dont want to brag.

Yes for all you safety Nazis I know he shouldnt be wearing flip flops..he is 30...must take after his ma...

In all seriousness I think it was a good purchase on the parents part. We use our garden tractor to tow a trailer, some gardening and plowing, and it sure makes the mowing less onerous. But these things are addictive and just like a potato cant just have one....

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