Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some project and Garden Updates

The last couple weeks have been very busy, we have been fencing, we got two more calves, the flowers have been blooming, we are busy writing grants for the Fire Department etc. We also had the first time we have had to hit the storm shelter when a supposed huge storm with tornadic winds hit us...since I am now a certified storm watcher I was uo checking it out and it hit us with a vengance with winds, rain, and hail...13 seconds later it was over thankfully. Literally, it came and it went that fast.

Spring is definitely here and we had to turn on the AC for some 90 degree weather then back to heat for about 32 ยบ temps. Now we are back to AC but this weekend...cooler weather again. Glad we had a greenhouse. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and to our friends in Alaska, Canada, Europe, Scandanavia and my Mongolian friends I enjoyed serving with...sorry.

We have always enjoyed foraging and take advantage of the many opportunities presented to us in Missouri. These wild onions are so much better than what you get at the store.

Some old barn wood became an asparagas bed.

Getting ready to plant the row crops...just have to wait because of the lingering frosts.

We  were out during a windstorm a couple weeks ago and heard a banging sound. Turns out the builder of this woodshed didnt fasten the rafters...I mean they were not even nailed to the header. A few hurricane ties solved the problem.

Yet another variety of Narcisus (white with orange bell).

The day lillie bed we planted last year survived and is coming on strong.

Rhubarb progress...

Judy's cat whiskers..what a cool guy.

Maybelle getting fed by Holly..she sure is a cutie (and the calf isnt too bad either).

How can you even think about veal...seriously!!!

Our two other Angus calves Thelma and Louise in our back pasture and woodlot. About 500 pounds of fiestiness each. They have tried every part of our fence line so far but have now calmed down and seem to like the great pasture.

We wanted a big old corregated feed bin to sit outside the barn but this one was far cheaper and made more sense. We still cruise Craigslist though...maybe someday.

Thelma and Louise at the feed trough by Judy's mobile home....they come down in the morning and evenings.

Judy starting the asparagas bed.

Mother and daughter planting asparagas...good to see them working (I just ducked)...

Looks more like an octopus to me but maybe in two or three years we will have asparagas.

Some grape hyacynth in bloom in the yard (its all over).

Tulips blooming..

More tulips of a different color...

Something else blloming that I dont know....

BooBoo the superior one..

We have blue birds besting everywhere

Gardening and fencing builds good muscles

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  1. The something else blooming is a Hyacinth