Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Great Fencing Project

If you have ever had land and animals you know you need to keep good fences. We knew this and in our minds we are 30 something hardbodies capable of 12 hour work days, punishing physical labor followed by dinner and dancing and maybe a bit of romance. In reality we are early 50s go to bed early types with many injuries and going to bed is usually accompanied by the smell of Ben Gay. But we perservere.

To be honest, I have two broken vertebre a cyst on my spinal cord that is causing me to lose the feeling in my hands and I suffer extreme pain in my upper back and right arm so I am awaiting an eval and surgery and after many digging of corner posts by hand and pounding many T-posts we had to make some changes. We had a friend bring a skid steer  with a hydraulic auger bit to dig 31 post holes for us and Holly bless her game heart has been pounding the T-posts. Together we are a team and we have fun doing it but she is now muscle sore and since I do the barbed wire stretching and clipping I look like I have been in a bad cat fight.

So far we have completed about half the fencing of the new property and have set all of the posts for the new gates (even though we havent finished the gates yet). We also redid about half the existing perimeter fence for the calves which involved a lot of brush clearing and replacing old fencing. On top of that our neighbors paid us to replace their entry gate wich was falling over so we have come to realize we are just gluttons for punishment.

Here is our progress so far:

Our new property is just to the left of that left leaning post in the middle of the picture. This was the existing entry gate to the neighbors property we were paid to redo.

Corner posts being set for our new upper pasture.

The plan is to build a squeeze chute in this pasture for the cattle and we set posts in the right hand perimeter fence for pasture rotation (sounds like I know what the heck I'm talking about doesnt it?)..

Right hand lower wood lot required a turn as the front garden piece is triangular then runs past a small woodlot into two different pastures.

Set in concrete of course. 1600 pounds worth.

These posts havenjt been set yet but will be a vehicle gate from the future pole barn to the existing barn and farm yard.

We redid the vehicle gate from the farm yard to the lowr existing pasture next to Judy's Mobile Home.

The neighbors new entry gate...they were pleased.

Our new lower garden spot is to the right, and this shot is looking to the neighboirs new entry gate on the left.

Our new woodlot to the left looking towards our two new pastures.

This pasture in front of our truck will be mostly garden spot and sits in front of the garden area and woodlot. Behind the truck up to the posts in the far background will be pasture and where we want to put the squeeze chute.

We live in farm country, our friends are all farmers or ranchers, and if your fence line isnt straight you get a lot of ribbing..hopefully this will pass muster.

For Jenny and Steve, this is how we sink T-posts in the Ozarks...dont know what you do in Interior Alaska.

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