Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pole Barn Part One

Our Pole Barn project has begun with the delivery of materials this morning and commencement of construction. This will be a shop and is 32'x24' with an 8' wide lean-to machine shed and a 5'x12' covered entry for sittingout front, concrete floor etc. We saved up for years for this and its almost hard to believe that the sacrifice is paying off. Holly and I wrenched on vehicles and motorcycles for years in a small single car garage in Alaska (and yes she wrenches with me) while we dreamed of a shop like this...first major project once its completed?...restoration of the 1948 Allis Chalmers WC....and maybe the Ford 8N we plan on gettting or maybe........

Pictures speak louder...:

Equipment and materials arrived today at 07:30...62 ยบ and sunny

Bare pasture being drilled with a hydraulic auger for the posts....

We brought up three lawn chairs to watch, one for Holly, one for me and one for...Bandit.

Its starting...

A bit of I want to get my own dump truck...dont need one mind you but I played with a lot of Tonka trucks when I was a kid and I dont know of too many guys that wouldnt love one. I do have a birthday coming up if anyone is interested....

Setting the posts

Starting the strapping

Setting the trusses

Its starting to come together eh?

Our friend Nathan's (also our contractor) wife Becky brought by their young Wallaby "Roo".....lots of coyotes around here so they have to keep him inside at night.

Roof strapping

Got buzzed by another A-10 Warthog anti-tank aircraft. The have some sort of training area around here and we have been buzzed twice (it took me a bit to take the picture, he was actually so close we could tell he needed a shave). We love them and they wag their wings, we wave, and its nice to see these young guys out enjoying the day.

Yea man...that the shop!!

Concrete gets poured tomorrow.

Rebar is embedded into the posts to tie everything together...better wind resistance

View from the left side of Judys place

Post holes for the lean-to machine shed

View from the pond

And finally the view from the left side of the big barn and taken basically from the greenhouse

Holly waters, Maybelle bawls in her pen and life is good. Tomorrow concrete, siding and roofing, and the next day Judy's steel roof.

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