Saturday, April 23, 2011

Storm Central and the Projects and Garden Update

The weather here has been crazy, tornados, rain, large hail, lots of wind and it goes from 80º to 50º in a matter of hours. Our forecast out for 7 days only shows a couple days without massive storms. Last night we were on tornado watch and as a weather spotter I was keeping track on the farm, it mostly missed us but that same storm is what took out the Saint Louis airport. It so bad you cant even watch TV because they keep interupting with severe storm updates. What it does is keep you constantly tense but we are beginning to just take it in stride. We are on a high plateau (almost 1300 feet) and the storms mostly split and go south or north of us and we dont have to worry about the flash flood warnings on our place except we can get completely cut off from road access. And during these times we do get some water in the basement...not a lot but you know...its a semi-dry basement I guess.

In bteween the storms (and like everything else since we moved here...they are record breaking!!) we got the new roof on Judy's place, we started planting the garden and the various flowers and shrubs are in full bloom. If and when it ever dries out around here we will continue fencing and more garden planting.

They got right to work between storms
Judy likes it

Now we need to work on painting the xterior for her and putting up a pargola over the back patio

Lots of room in the new shop

Lots of projects pending now that I have the shop

We spread gravel all around the exterior of the pole barn...good thing we got it done before the next round of storms
I am glad we sprung for the lean-to

We put in a roll up door rather than a slider...better weather protection.

Its planting all this done in a day between storms.

Its a lot more work than it looks...but then, we also dont have to worry about all the food costs and shortages.

The horse raddish patch came back in nicely...its invasive, it spreads like a weed...and I cant get enough of it.

Three of our onion beds in the back and our "just about played out" spinach bed in the foreground. Lots of onions this year and they are really doing well.

We are planting peas here this year..last year this was sorghum which sucks the nitrogen out of the soil while peas replenish least thats what they say.

Doesnt look like much and its hard to see but all our asparagas came up. We cant harvest for another year or so but this was a good start and we are pleased.

Vining cucumbers seem to like all the rain. They will climb the cattle panel and we hope for lots of cucumbers. We opened our last jar of homemade pickles about a week ago and I am in withdrawl.

Our accidental rhubarb continues to flourish.

Kind of gives you the scale of the garden. The patch to the extreme right will be the peas and there is another large garden to the right not in the picture....and the corn patch is in yet another location.

All but one of the trees in the orchard are doing apple tree just didnt survive.

Yet another partially finished fencing project awaiting better weather.

One of Judy's azalea patches in the oak grove with Bandit getting ready to lift a leg no doubt.

Red Ossier Dog Wood

Another of Judy's Azaleas

We found this huge honeysuckle burried in brambles on the new property...still need to clean it out more but man it smells good ust walking by.

Our day lillie garden did well over the will be interesting to see the various colors so we can tag them for future dividing and replanting.

The new pups coming up on the banana trees, we apparently did it right and these should get to 15 feet tall or more this year.

The grape arbor is filling out with the Concords and the other grap vines are also budding. We still need to expand the vineyard and we eventually want to make wine.

This was a Wisteria twig last year....kind of scary how its taken off this year.

The Iris' are just starting to bud and bllom including these white ones.

Our many Lilacs are getting towards the end of their bloom but are still fragrant.

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, and Collard Greens...the Asparagas bed is in the raised bed to the right.

Holly and Judy finally got the herb garden planted. We cook right out of this bed and have rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley, borage, sage, basil, chives, lavender and a couple more I dont remember.

Of course we had to do the Easter for the kids and grandkids. Since we have to mail everything we take coffee cans and get all artistic then fill them with Easter goodies.

This cloud was from our family room in back...looked scary and there was some rotation but it was just a cloud and no worries.

So whats next? Well, planting, building a holding pen for the cows, more fencing, outdoor lighting (including some solar), new windows for the garage and well house, painting......

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