Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canning the Harvest and Enjoying the Evenings

We are in the middle of the summer harvest and its been hot but some unexpected rain has allowed us to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. We grow most of our own food so this is an important part ofthe year and here is what we have been up to so far:

We harvest this many banana peppers every day and eat them with almost every meal...and we will freeze a few but they taste best to me fresh, cold, and with a little salt.

The first batch of pickled beets...a personal favorite.

Chis, who is staying on the farm with us after being layed off, and I shucking peas. We blanched them and froze them and we have many more peas yet to harvest.

Boiled tomatoes cooling awaiting peeling and canning, We are canning halved tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup......I love the taste of fresh tomatos. We have them with almost every meal and if you havent had a tomato and candy onion sandwhich your really missing out.

My partner Holly canning stewed tomatoes.

They are accidic enough to use a water bath canner...and the whole house smells like fresh tomatoes

We have so many tomatoes each day its hard to keep up.

But we have also found time to enjoy the evenings

Yard darts...

Feeding Maybelle...

Playing with Rose the farm dog...

Maybelle is growing and almost weaned...and she likes her chin scratched...and we could never send her to slaughter...

And of course, we have many projects awaiting their turn for our attention....

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