Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working the Cattle Ranch

Today we were asked to help work at the ranch again and we got to see the results of our previous efforts with artificial insemination through the miracles of vetinerary ultra was a good day.

The purpose here was to check the cattle we had helped get artificially inseminated a couple months ago to see if they were with calf through an ultra sound examination. Along the way we added insecticidal ear tags (which Chris is afixing here), gave them a Lepto shot (Judy did that), weigh them, and de-worm them (my job along with working one of the gates on the squeeze chute).

Ken the ranch owner worked the head chute and he has been so gracious in showing us the ropes of cattle handling. We have learned a lot from him.

The Vet has to reach up the rectum of the heifer and then inserts an ultra sound probe and you can actualy see the calf fetus, legs, hooves, and everything.

Holly took the pictures and unfortunately (since she is so cute) isnt in any of the pictures but she keeps the records for Ken and tracks the estimated gestation time, shots given, weight, whether the calf is through AI or exposure to a bull, etc...

In addition to working the back gate I de-wormed them...

And Judy gave them the Lepto shot....

We lived in Alaska just over a year ago, none of us had ever worked on a farm or could have dreamed that we would have this opportunity.....its been a strange journey but we are enjoying the ride.

And the Ozarks are just,,,Glorious!!

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  1. "Semper FI" I have really enjoyed reading your blog. The family and I are looking forward to the day we can move to MO and run our own Homestead. Keep up the great info on your homestead in MO.