Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Additional Views of the Property

We found an additional view of a stone storage shed on the property and we got on Google Earth and got some overhead views and a street view or two; take a look:

I can only think of about 4,879 things to do with this shed

Okay, the property is the narrow piece right in the middle of this snap. You can see a straight fence line running from the county road on the left to the back fence line that has the trees on the right. You can see where the buildings are located close to the highway and that there is a small dirt road running down the length of the property and around the pond (which is the circular thing surrounded by trees in the middle of the photo) to the back bunch of trees. There is a similar sized property on the bottom of the photo but the buildings are on the right side of the photo and the road is more prominent.

A drive-by series from the county road

You can see the trailer in back of the house in this view

Very rural area

Again you can see the trailer in the back and the barn behind the tree

Front view

Here is an overview of the area. The property is almost exactly in the middle of this view (look for the pond)

Country drive..YAY!!

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