Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Pictures from the Realtor on the Farm

ZZZZZZZZZZZZSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH Now we have even more pictures, we have the money, the loan is approved, but we have to wait until the 31st to see it. The Realtor says she was going to show it this morning but they never showed up and she also says she got lots of phone calls on it but no offers. We could make an offer contingent on seeing it or take our chances and wait....DANG IT!!!

The pictures below are of the trailer and the Realtor says its pretty new and very clean in side. Washer and Dryer and stove all stay and are like new, it has new low nap carpet, separate utilities from the house etc. Remember to click on a picture to make it bigger:

From the side of the house towards the trailer

Trailer Living room

Trailer kitchen

One of the 3 trailer bedrooms

One of the 2 trailer bathrooms

Below are more pictures of the house. The property goes all the way back past those trees in the very back and then all the way to the left of the barn pic where you see the bush line.

Master Bedroom

The main bathroom (and apparently laundry room) of the house

One of the other two bedrooms

Hayfield towards back of property

And you can see the property line on the left where that line of bushes is...thats a lot of room

Taken from the barn towards the house and the hwy

Decisions, decisions...

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