Monday, August 10, 2009

Will I miss it?

After 16 Years in the USMC and now 8 years active duty with the Army National Guard I am getting ready to retire and people ask will I miss the adventure....I dont honestly know. These are some pics of just the last two years from patrolling in Southern Iraq to acting as a UN trainer for the Mongolian, Nepalese, Indian and Thai Armys...its been a blast but I'm tired and breaking down physically (I would be in Mongolia right now if it wasnt for the unexpected hernia surgery). I survived multiple combat tours and years away from family...I think a whole new adventure is just beginning with retirement:

Lived like this for years...wont miss it

95 Degrees and full body armor...wont miss it

Patrolling in the Southern Iraqi Desert...wont miss it

Clearing an overpass over MSR Tampa south of Talil...wont miss it

Arctic Infantry in the hotest area on earth...wont miss it

fermented Mares milk in a Gher on the Mongolian steppes..will miss it

60 below with the wind chill factor...wont miss it

Training all over the world with interesting people (LTC Raju Nepal)...will miss it

Conducting horseback patrols in Mongolia...will miss it

Experiencing National Geographic moments in person (Mongolian Honor Guard)...will miss it

Flying First Class courtesy of USAF (C-17)...hope to still do it stand-by

Giving up being a machine gunner after 33 years...will miss it (here training on old Russina PKMs in Mongolia)

I am going to leave the comments on this one blank....heh heh

Another National Geographic moment that will be missed.....

I doubt there will be this much cultural diversity in rural Missouri....

On balance, I could never work in a cubicle and am grateful for the opportunities I have had but...its time to move on.

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