Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Concrete Patio and Sidewalk

Well the back patio and the sidewalk for Judy's trailer is completed. We next turn to decks, finishing up the rock mortar, painting etc.

Since we didnt have enough on our plate, we decided to dig up the old broken slab in the back and replace it with one three times the size.

And you know while we are at it, lets just throw down a sidewalk for Judy...its only 105 degrees out.

This gives an idea of just how much bigger we made it.

The mice living under the old slab were not that happy about it

Almost ready for the pour

Of course we didnt use a portable mixer.....

This was much easier

It looked a lot bigger once it was poured than we had envisioned it...I am glad we didnt go smaller.

Now an even more useful back patio

Its very very useful now and we live back here

And Judy likes her new sidewalk too. She added river rock to set her various potted roses and such on and it looks good.

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