Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Missouri State Fair in Sedalia

Holly and Judy dragged me to the state fair...2.5 hour drive but we went on cheap skate Thursday and got in for 4 bucks and actually had a lot of fun.

The fair grounds are very well laid out with brick buildings and AC in most of them

Old cars, NASCARs, new tractors and implements, camping trailers, ATVs...there was something for everyone.

Big pumpkins...

Big hogs....

Big horses and piles of was very much a country fair but done at the state level. Lots of police presence but everyone was friendly, it was laid back, and not crowded at all.

We enjoyed a beverage or two and of course the fair food...lots of different kinds of meat on a stick, funnel cakes, corn on the cob, taffy.....

The midway was big though we didnt hit any rides.

Yes Holly and I had to ride the camel..

And we fed the animals

Even the striped horses...

And we capped it off with the Missouri Team Penning competition.

I have been to a lot of state fairs, this one was one of the best and I could have spent a couple days there...maybe next year.

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