Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Tractor

Okay, we already have a couple of tractors and a garden tractor, a 4 wheeler, golf cart etc etc but you know, sometimes more is better. We came upon a 1967 Sears Suburban 10 garden tractor that was in great shape (for being 43 years old) at a great price and so we got it for Holly and Judy to tow the trailer and just do general garden chores. It has a 10hp Tecumseh HH100 engine and a 6 speed manual transaxel...and it is very retro, very cool, and it runs great.
The tires are in good shape, it has a new battery, and all I had to do to get it to start is tighten up the starter bracket. I have since fixed a few things, added a choke control knob, new air filter, fuel filter, and added some non-skid for the foot up is a new seat and headlights.
Everything is very expensive Dixon could take a few lessons from this tractor.
It has a Hi-Low transfercase lever on the right hand side of the transmission hump and the gear shift itself is a 3 speed so you effectively get 6 speeds forward and 2 in reverse.
Its simple, durable, and has a surprisingly large amount of torque
There was no rust or corrosion on this machine anywhere.
Holly took to it straight away and has already been using it with the trailer
We have been having a blast on it..last night we held races...
It will look better with the headlights installed.
But Holly has also been getting more comfortable with the 4 wheeler and actually got it into 3rd gear briefly
She is zipping along at about 3 mph here but its progress

Now...we may end up with other....implements. I have always wanted a combine...hmmmmm

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