Monday, August 15, 2011

And an update for the Parents

We finally have gotten around to doing some interior work and have replaced the floor in the hallway, trimmed it out and replaced one of the bedroom doors and the door to the basement with raised panel wood doors. For some unknown and inexplicable reason, the pevious owners replaced all the interior doors with cheap hollow core doors they got from a salvage yard. The hallway floor was old linoleum and the subfloor had a rotten spot where you could peer down into the basement...not good. It was a real challenge to put in the doors because there isnt a right angle in the entire house so each door had to be cut to fit and the floor still shos a slight uneveness but redoing the subfloor and laying 12" tile on top of it made a big difference in how it looks. We used the same tile we used for the kitchen so its seamless from the kitchen all the way to the living room now.

Looking towards the living room and you can see it looks so much better. We still need to prime and paint.

Thankfully we thought ahead and when we left off on the reflooring for the kitchen we made it so we could just butt up to it for the hallway so it looks like it was all done at the same time.

The new doors look a lot better too and they really help with sound deadening. We dont want the house to look modern so we are trying to redo things to look like it was always that way.

And this picture is for Mom, we finally hung the curtains over the new windows in the kitchen.

Our canning efforts are paying off and the pantry is almost full. We bought this pantry for $40 or so and painted it white to match the rest of the kitchen.

This giant cucumber was missed the last two times we harvested and its huge. Probably not worth keeping but it is perfectly formed and didnt turn yellow like they usually do when they get this big.

Just one days harvest of butternut squash. We will be canning it soon because we are getting about this much every 2 days.

Being an invalid right now is frustrating so I am trying to find things to do so I decided to prep the cayenne peppers for drying and eventual grinding for cayenne pepper.

Its a tedious process splitting them and de-seeding them and my hands are burning like crazy.

Lay them on a cookie sheet...

and then de-hydrate them in the oven on its lowest setting. So I have actually done something worthwhile today.

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