Monday, August 15, 2011

Number 4 Son Comes for a Visit

Our youngest son Alex has transferred from Western Washington University to UNC Charlotte to finish his bachelor degree and prep for entry into law school so he decided to make a road trip of it with a couple friends and they stopped for a visit.

The visit was way too short but it was good to see all of them and they were fascinated by the farm. You hear lots of things about how bad kids are now days but it just isnt our experience. All of our kids have good friends and the two friends Al brought home were no exception.

Matt to the left, Alex in the middle and Jason to the right. They thought the red neck hot tub was a hoot.

They are all city boys and have been friends for a decade or so and neither Matt or Jason had ever been cross country or to the Ozarks. I think they thought we were a bit backwards without a microwave or dishwasher, we grow our own food, hang the clothes on a clothes line to dry etc.

Maybelle got lots of attention and it was fun watching them react when Maybelle grabbed their shirts with her tongue.

We gave them a tour and explained what we were doing and future plans.

Thelma and Louise were being shy for some reason.

And after an entirely too short of a stay they had to leave.

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