Saturday, August 13, 2011

Medical Issues

We have had a lot going on but medical issues have gotten in the way of keeping up with things. I have had a steadily deteriorating spinal injury that required surgery which was done a couple days ago and so far it seems successful. I was losing all feeling in my right arm and leg and was having difficulty walking. The neuro surgeon said he hadnt ever seen the kind of damage I had and have the person still able to walk but as soon as I heal I should be able to throw away my cain Yey!!

So here are some sad looking pictures. I cant move much right now but I'll be back better than ever soon.

This was right after I came out of surgery, lots of pain and discomfort but the first thing I did was make sure I could move my legs...everything works.

We busted out of the hospital a little early, I figure I can be miserable at home just as easy as in a hospital room.

The doc slit my throat to get to the spine and yes there is a big scar and yes my throat is killing me.

And I have 30 days of wearing this C-collar. I still use the cain for balance because I cant look down but I am starting to feel human again and plan to start running after my 3 months of light duty is over.

So, 56K later I may have just had the surgery that will significantly improve my quality of life. Thankfully I have my beautiful wife Holly to tend to me along with Judy and Chris. And it felt so good to get home. This is but a temporary blip and in a month or so I will be out cutting wood, planting winter wheat, and getting back to working the farm.

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