Friday, September 16, 2011

Final Steam O Rama Post Including Antique Trucks

Holly actually started to look at some of the things that were for sale like TRUCKS and TRACTORS and she is not a good influence on me. One thing stopped me from buying something money!

This truck wasnt even part of the show. We were ooohing and aaahing over it and when we asked about it the old guy that owned it looked at us like we were daft and told us it was just his truck and he had towed his trailer to the show with it...gotta love the Ozarks!

I am not really sure what this is actually, its self propelled and takes in hay like a baler but I couldnt figure out how it would bale.

If you remember from a post last year we have an old grader like this out behind the barn, just smaller, and this makes me want to start preserving it.

These old tractors with the loaders of the time sure make me appreciate our Kubotas loader.

The massive amount of tractors and machinery at this event is hard to project.

Look at the skinny steel rear wheels on this old Hart Parr Oliver and then look at the front wheels. They are steel disks and must have been a bear to operate.

Antique Mack trucks were there...

Old GMC Cab overs

And this immaculate GMC Dump Truck from 1942

This truck is still being used commercially by the owner.

And another beautiful MACK along with a beautiful woman.

And this GMC dually was for sale, and Holly and I wanted it....any family looking for Christmas ideas...ehem.

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