Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybelle Update

Our two Angus Heifers, Thelma and Louise, are beautiful animals and at about 850 lbs now they cut a picturesque vista up in the pasture but they are not really tame and since we are eventually going to eat them we like it that way. But Maybelle was fed from a bottle when she was 2 days old and as our first, she is not destined for freezer camp. She has long since weaned and we are just about to turn her loose into the pasture.

She and the barn cats get on well in her stall and when she is laying in the hay the two barn cats (Eve and Jerome) are either laying with her or on her and its amazing that such a large animal can bond and be so gentle with a scrawny cat...but she does. So here are a couple of pictures of Maybelle and one of Jerome along with some random pics showing its getting towards fall..

 Maybelle has turned out to be a very good looking young lady with good lines. She has the white face spot desired on a Simental.

 She is very inquisitive and likes to play. Rose the Farm Dog and Maybelle will play together and run after each other all over her little pasture and Maybelle buts her head against anything that will move, like gates, the bench, a chopping block.....and frustratingly her water trough.

 Bandit doesnt have any issues with Maybelle but he respects her size and doesnt play with her; he saves his energies for chasing Jerome for some reason. You can see how big Maybelle has gotten though.

 And she loves a handout of range cubes. She is very intelligent and when we are out in the barn yard she will follow us along her fence everywhere and if we dont pay her any attention she will start making some noise. A couple days ago we had some heavy rain but it was warm and she was jumping and running and stuck her tongue out for the rain drops...just having fun.

 This place is like having your own petting zoo in some ways, whenever you are down its hard to stay in a funk when you can go out and feed the animals and if you dont laugh when Maybelle's tongue seeks you out and wraps around your hand you probably need to seek professional help. 

 And this is Jerome. He is obviously a drop off by some city person that didnt want him any more as he is extremely friendly and rubs up against you and follows us around out in the barn yard and wants to come in the house. He gets along well with Eve the other barn cat and with Maybelle and we just couldnt kill him. He was almost dead when we found him one day in the barn, all skinny and skinned up and the saddest looking thing you ever saw but we doctored him and now feed him and he rewards us by keeping the varmints down. Animal drop offs are a problem in most rural areas and we are no exception; well meaning but lazy people figure they can drop off an unwanted pet out in the country where they will live happy lives on a farm but the reality is that most get hit by a car, killed by coyotes, guard dogs or other wild life or shot by farmers who dont need a 30th cat or dog. Jerome beat the odds because we felt sorry for him and dont like to kill animals like that but it gets expensive getting them all fixed and shots and there will come a time when we will have to reject a drop off or dispatch it...its just part of country life.

 We harvested our eating corn awhile ago and left the stalks and some corn to dry for silage, to feed the deer, and so Holly can use them to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is starting to show itself.
 This is Holly's garden shed...seems to me she needs to keep it picked up a bit more although she will tell you I need to move my Golf Cart project, my late 50s generator project, and my fencing supplies to my shop. She is a good sport though and I know she doesnt really mean it!!

 We planted this tree when we first moved in and its gotten quite large in a year and a half and provides shade for the picnic table and a perch for a couple bird feeders. Note the coat, 59 degrees for a high today but Tuesday is supposed to be over 80...ahhhh fall in the Ozarks.

 Even after all these years I find myself wondering how I got so lucky to find a partner like I did. Its one thing to have a dream of what life can be but when you have someone who shares that dream and is your partner in every way it profoundly affects your lifes outlook. Some may find the daily routines that develop when trying to manage land or a small farm to be boring or tedious but when its shared with someone you love, its the finest kind of true peace.

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