Friday, May 20, 2011

Fran and Heathers visit Part 2

Holly's grndmother Fran (and Judy's mother) and neice Heather have completed their second visit to the farmstead and we all enjoyed the visit. So many on my side of the family have passed and though my parents are thankfully still around I have no grandparents left alive and I have often wondered how great it would be to spend just another day with them. When your younger I think many times you dont realize how quickly life goes by and you are often wrapped up in your own life and then you find that time runs out for all the things you "meant" to do. Now that we are older we really treasure these visits and we are so glad they can share in this part of our lives. The weather wasnt too good (is it good anywhere right now?) but we visited, we ate good food, and we basically just enjoyed the peacefulness of the farm and the companionship of family. We may life simply but its visits like this that make us rich.

Mother, Grandmother, and Daughter. I think their dispositions are hereditary, all of the women on this side of the family are chipper, always interested in whats going on around them, and they just seem happy all the time.

And Heather is a very sweet person who I always enjoy being around. She loves life, helps out around the farm and loves animals. I judge a person on how they react to animals...when someone doesnt like animals or the animals dont like them I am wary.

We managed to get the sweet potatoes, pole beans, and sweet peas planted in between rain squalls.

And Heather learned to ride a four wheeler.

Holly got her first harvest of raddishes and planted more.

Bandit just likes all the attention and took a particular liking to Fran and Heather.

Fran is pretty spry for 91 but we used Holly's garden tractor mule and the garden cart to travel to the pond and other places on the farm and she likened it to a low rent hay ride.

Life is too short not to enjoy surrounding yourself with pretty women!

So I admit I am not complaining at having 4 pretty women at the farm all at once.

Heather really took to the tractor with minimal instruction. Unfortunately the big Allis Chalmers has a flat so she didnt get to drive that beast but maybe next time.

I always enjoy seeing people who have never operated a tractor do so for the first time.

A neighboring farmer invited us to fish in their farm pond since its so full of bluegills and they are trying to reduce the numbers a bit and the girls caught 25 in short order which we released into our farm pond.

I think they would have hit bare hooks and some were of a pretty good size.

And since we had the labor, I split the trees we took down and the girls stacked it. We ended up with a little more than 2 cords.

Judy taught Heather to quilt while she was here and she made this lap quilt during her stay. She did a great job and was rightfully proud of it.

And mother and daughter at the Branson airport....sure makes me happy to have had this visit.

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