Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh Chicken Sandwich For Jenny

This is for favorite daughter Jenny who like us likes to cook and is always looking for new ideas. We got a couple of freshly butchered free range chickens a couple days ago from a neighboring farm....and I mean fresh in killed the day we cooked them. You cant imagine the taste difference, we roasted one last night and decided to have a gourmet chicken sandwich tonight and for you Jen....this is how we did it:

Start with homemade crusty french bread....air filled, chemically enhanced, tasteless white worthless bread just wont do...I mean you need to taste the yeast and have a crust that thunks when you hit it with your finger.

Left over roasted fresh chicken,,,it actually has flavor. It was moist and had a bit of wild flavor and was just....sooo good.

Slice the breast meat thin...

Use green leaf lettuce...fresh of course from your garden, and take out the tough white center. This needs to be cold and one wants limp lettuce.

Toast the bread slices just so under the broiler on both sides. You want it a bit browned but not hard as a rock or burned.

Fresh sliced cucumbers...we like them peeled but they dont have to be unless you buy them from the store where they are coated in wax.

And we add sliced avocado....look for the ones that still have a bit of green and are just soft to the touch. You dont wanbt them too hard or mushy. Take a knife and slice it all around like in the picture, whack the seed with your knife and twist and the seed comes right out (you can put the seed in a glass suspended with toothpicks and it will grow..just like we used to do).

And we like to add the leaves of celery...DO NOT THROW THEM OUT. Celery leaves ad a nice flavor and they are great in salads, on sandwiches and in soups and stews.

If you dont make your own this is the next best thing...and I will repeat...Miracle Whip is not the same as Mayonaise and it is un American to use it on a chicken sandwich.

Swiss cheese is the best on a chicken sandwich though Provolone works too....cheddar...not so much.

I like lots of mayo...

Serve with Kalamata olives and the other half of the avocado with a squirt of lemon juice and you have a feast.

And finally....unsweetened ice tea is the proper accompaniment to such a culinary masterpiece...water is a close second. Soda just masks the flavor and should be strongly discouraged. We didnt have them tonight but sprouts and raddish slices would also be good on this sandwich and I should also add we put a little salt and pepper on the chicken as we are assembling the meal. So there you have it. The chicken carcass will now be used for stock.....not canned salty yuck stock but good homemade chicken stock that will enhance any meal.

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  1. Looks delicious. Would you do a post about sprouting the avocado seed in glass of water (suspended on toothpicks???) please?